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PROBEC Australia is delivering wide range of services and products in both renewable and bioenergy sectors. We also focus to help farmers with on-farm waste management, on-farm water management and on-farm energy management.

Residential Solar

A residential solar system could be anywhere between 3kW and 20kW depending on your requirements, existing metering connection (1, 2 or 3 phase), solar approval (approval to connect solar) and roof space (including its orientation).

Commercial Solar

Commercial solar will not only cover daytime energy consumption but also export surplus electricity to grid that will give money back thus making it a rewarding investment.

Battery Storage

battery storage offers a range of valuable options such as using own power at night, which is stored from solar during the day, and changing electric vehicles (EV) to reduce transportation costs to a great extent.

About Us
Welcome to PROBEC Solar, your trusted partner in Solar & Battery energy solutions. Established in 2018, PROBEC Solar has been committed to transforming how you power your life with sustainable solar and battery solutions. With a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, we strive to empower homes and businesses across New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland to embrace clean, reliable, and affordable energy alternatives.
Our Commitment to Sustainability

At PROBEC Solar, sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

Memberships and Accreditations

PROBEC Solar is proud to be a Signatory of New Energy Tech as an Approved Seller for solar and battery systems.

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Whether you’re a homeowner looking to cut electricity bills, a business owner seeking sustainability

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residential solar systems

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Commercial solar systems


Hybrid Solar System

Modern hybrid systems, like those offered by Probec Solar, seamlessly integrate solar energy generation and battery storage. These systems come in various configurations, adapting to diverse energy needs. With the declining cost of battery storage, even existing grid-connected setups can benefit from integrating batteries. This enables the capture and storage of solar energy during daylight hours for use during the night. In times of depleted stored energy, the grid serves as a reliable backup, ensuring continuous power supply.

Furthermore, many hybrid systems, including those from Probec Solar, optimize cost-efficiency by leveraging off-peak electricity to charge batteries, typically during late-night hours.

Designing hybrid systems involves several approaches, but for simplicity, we’ll focus on the basic principles here. For more comprehensive insights into hybrid and off-grid power solutions, explore our detailed guide to home solar battery systems.

Battery Bank Integration: In a hybrid system, surplus solar energy not immediately consumed by household appliances is directed to the battery bank for storage. Once the battery bank reaches full capacity, it ceases to receive power from the solar system, with any excess solar energy being exported to the electricity grid. Subsequently, stored energy from the batteries can be discharged to power the home, typically during peak evening hours when electricity costs are highest.

Metering and Grid Interaction: The functionality of your hybrid system, along with utility regulations, determines the process of surplus energy management. When batteries are fully charged, any excess solar power not utilized by household appliances can be exported to the grid via your meter, subject to utility policies. During periods of low solar production or battery depletion, appliances draw power from the grid as needed, ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply.

Off-Grid Solar Systems

An off-grid system from Probec Solar is independent of the electricity grid, necessitating battery storage. Our off-grid solar systems are meticulously designed to gener