Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions
1. Customer Declarations:

You declare that:
(i) You are over the legal age of 18 years.
(ii) You are one of the listed owners of the property where The System is to be installed and your name is on the title deed of the installation address.
(iii) You have provided PROBEC Solar the details of existing solar system (if any).
(iv) Providing wrong or false information could result in delays or cancellation of the installation of The System.

2. Agreement Requisites

(i) The total cost is inclusive of GST. The government incentive on solar is GST Free. GST is applied on total cost then GST free discount (rebate) is applied. Further details are available at Australian Taxation Office (ATO) website. (ii) Singing this quotation form constitutes a tax invoice for the proposed system at the agreed cost subject to the cooling-off period (as explained in clause 11). (iii) Any associated risk in supplied goods whether caused by natural or personal action(s) is immediately transferred to you on arrival to your nominated property. (iv) The System whether installed or pending installation will remain the property of PROBEC Solar until full payment is paid by you as per the sales agreement.

3. Payment and STCs claim:

(i) You are agreeing to assign PROBEC Solar the number of STCs as a partial payment (GST free) of The System. If you will be illegible for Government Incentive Discount, you will be liable to pay PROBEC Solar full amount of The System as per this sales agreement.
(ii) If you wish to claim the STCs incentive yourself, the total cost of The System will be payable by you before installation.
(iii) You accept that if you breach any of the conditions of STCs incentive regulations you may be financially liable to the Office of Clean Energy Regulator (CER) and PROBEC Solar.
(iv) You accept that the price of STCs is governed by market movements and the REC guidelines. If the market price falls below a certain value, PROBEC Solar may decide to delay the installation until the price reaches to an acceptable level. PROBEC Solar may also refuse to carry out installation followed by refunding your complete deposit if the market price falls below the certain value and remain consistent for an extended period.
(v) PROBEC Solar must have the final payment prior to or on the day of installation to avoid delays in installation.
(vi) Failing to pay any outstanding amount under this agreement, PROBEC Solar will be allowed to charge interest on the due amount at the current Reserve Bank target cash rate plus 2%. You will also have to pay PROBEC Solar any charges related to the recovery of such unpaid amounts. Additionally, please be aware that a $50/day will be automatically added to the invoice if final payment is not made on or prior to installation (e.g. a 5-day delays means $250 additional charge and so on). Failure to pay the complete amount may result in PROBEC Solar taking legal action(s) against you and all warranties will void.
(vii) Title and possession of the installed system will be assigned to you automatically when PROBEC Solar will receive complete payment from you.
(viii) The rate of solar incentive (rebate) declines on 1st January every year, therefore, installation must be completed and signed off before the rebate declines. In case of installation completing on or after 1st of January, you must pay the difference. The government incentive on solar is completely subjected to availability of the scheme that could be terminated anytime.

4. Authority of access to the installation property

(i) You authorise PROBEC Solar and its contractors, subcontractors, employees, and installers to access the property to carry out installation including site inspections.

5. Liabilities and Risk

(i) Ownership of The System will be automatically transferred to you when PROBEC Solar will receive full payment of the Solar System. It is your obligation to ensure that your property insurance covers the cost of The System.
ii) You accept that PROBEC Solar takes no liability or responsibility for your STCs incentive as administered by the Office of CER if you have provided us incorrect or misleading information regarding proposed solar and/or battery system on the proposed property.
(iii) You accept that PROBEC Solar takes no liability or responsibility of your STCs Bonus, also known as the "feed in tariff incentive" as administered by the relevant State or Territory government.
(iv) PROBEC Solar takes no responsibility for any damage or loss caused to your property by the installer but ensures that installer will rectify the damage. PROBEC Solar will work with you and the installer for the rectification of any damage to your property caused due to negligence of the installer.
(v) You accept that PROBEC Solar will not be responsible for any damage to old and brittle roofing tiles that may be cracked or damaged during installation.
(vi) You accept that there is no leakage or tile breakage warranty on Terracotta, Decramastic, any non-standard tile or an existing damaged roof. The installer has right to cancel the installation if they feel unsafe to carry out installation due to roof conditions.
(vii) PROBEC Solar accepts no responsibility for any other cost(s) related to your need to obtain an upgrade of your existing meter box or the installation of a new gross/net meter.
(viii) PROBEC Solar will not be liable for any unexpected costs which may arise in relation to the removal and handling of asbestos at your property in relation to The System installation. In case of decommission the existing solar system, it is your responsibility to handle the removed material.

6. Meter Box or Switch Board

(i) PROBEC Solar’s quote does not include the cost(s) of any wiring or any associated work needed to connect your inverter to a switch board (or meter box) which is remotely located from the inverter (i.e. where the switch/meter box is not attached to the same structure as the inverter such as the house or the garage).

7. Delivery and Installation

(i) PROBEC SOLAR will make every reasonable effort to install The System in a timely manner. However, we will not be bound to meeting estimated or proposed installation dates as we have no control over worldwide materials availability, peaks in demand, inclement weather and/or other forms of force majeure, approval from relevant energy provider, and the availability of the installer. Delays due to such reasons are not the acceptable reasons for claiming a refund or compensation from PROBEC Solar (PROBEC Solar does not accept these reasons). Please note that no responsibility for the delay in installation is acceptable if customer details (including installation site) are incorrect. Delays in installation are not grounds for cancellation, and PROBEC Solar is not liable for any perceived loss because of these delays.
(ii) If difficulties with site access are encountered that were not notified to PROBEC Solar at the time of quote or signing this sale agreement, additional costs may be payable by you.
(iii) You must present at the property during installation to sign the mandatory declaration such as assigning the STCs to PROBEC Solar, as per the renewable Energy Act (2000). Should the installer arrive on the agreed date and you are not present, a rescheduling fee of $350 plus GST will apply. If you are not available at the time of installation, you are required to authorise an adult to complete and sign the related paperwork and assume complete responsibility.
(iv) Upon signing this sales agreement, any modifications in goods will incur an admin charges of $350 plus GST. A new quote will be generated based on new changes.
(v) Additional charges may be applicable to split the system in more than two rows.
(vi) It is your responsibility to remove any trees, antenna or any object causing shade on the solar panels.
(vii) Placement of inverter is completely under installer’s scope. Installer may apply additional charges if you are willing to install the inverter at a place which is beyond installer’s scope or recommendations.
(viii) It is your responsibility to ensure that a bi-directional energy meter is installed on the property if you want to export the electricity produced via solar system.
(ix) You also ensure that you are only giving us the details of meter(s) installed by energy provider for metering purpose. PROBEC Solar does not install solar system on a sub-meter unless required (relevant paperwork and/or approvals may be needed).
(x) Installer shall not commence work before 7am Monday to Saturday. You have right to hold them outside the property if they arrive before 7am. PROBEC Solar does not allow installers to do installations on Sunday and Public Holidays.
(xi) Solar installation could affect transmission of your radio or television. PROBEC Solar does not take any responsibility if the installed system impacts the strength or quality of radio or television signals and/or any electronic appliances.

8. Privacy Policy

(i) You agree to deliver PROBEC Solar your personal information that is required to complete the paperwork and installation. PROBEC Solar will provide your information to contractors, subcontractor(s), STCs submission portal(s), employees and installers only as required to effectively perform their duties.
(ii) Unless otherwise agreed with you, PROBEC Solar will never disclose your personal information to any third party other than those required to complete the installation, or subject to your permission otherwise.
(iii) You must sign all necessary documents on the day of installation for the performance of all party's obligations under this agreement.
(iv) PROBEC Solar will not sell your personal information to any third party under any circumstances.
(v) PROBEC Solar will retain your information until the system remains on your property or until warranties are effective.
(vi) PROBEC Australia and/or its businesses can contact you for further services which could give benefit to you.

9. Product and Installation Warranties

(i) The system comes with 5- to 10-year manufacturer's warranties. PROBEC Solar will give a 5- year warranty on complete system and a 10-year workmanship warranty. PROBEC Solar will transfer your warranty issues to the relevant subcontractor(s) and/or vendor(s) and will communicate with them on your behalf.
(ii) Grid voltage variations are caused by grid (it is a global issue), which could “standby” the inverter. Inverter’s built-in function will protect it from any damage by high grid voltage. Voltage variations are not under the scope of PROBEC Solar or their contractors and/or subcontractor, but the energy provider, and any service call out fee regarding such issue(s) will be invoiced to you.

10. System Monitoring

(i) You are responsible to monitor The System. PROBEC Solar is not responsible if you failed to monitor the system followed by notifying us any associated issue(s). Moreover, you are responsible of monitoring the system (whether it is working or not) if you are away from home (whether for limited or extended period). PROBEC Solar strongly suggests to continuously monitor the system via monitoring app or physical observation.

11. Cooling off Period

(i) You understand that under Australian Consumer Law and relevant State Building Acts you are entitled to a cooling-off period of ten (10) working days if PROBEC Solar reaches you. Cooling off period will void once initial deposit or full invoice is paid to PROBEC Solar. PROBEC Solar will only organise the materials and installer(s) once cooling-off period laps or deposit (or invoice) is paid. If you request PROBEC Solar to install The System within cooling-off period, you must notify us in writing, therefore by doing so the cooling-off period will also void. All notifications must be received to PROBEC Solar in writing via email, fax, post, or making deposit while signing this quotation form.

12. Finance

(i) PROBEC Solar does not provide finance by its own but offers through reliable finance entities.

13. Indemnities and Liabilities

(i) By PROBEC Solar: Any liability due to warranty of breach of a condition that cannot be excluded is restricted to the scope possible at our preference to:
     (a) Supplying good and/or service again on requirement,
     (b) Performing repairs where necessary,
     (c) Paying the cost of goods and/or services, or
     (d) Refund the full amount of the products (in such case PROBEC Solar reserves rights to possess the goods after refund).
(ii) By you: You guarantee and keep unobjectionable (and harmless) our staff, contractors, and/or subcontractors against any loss, liabilities, costs, or damages (including but not limited to legal, defence or resolution costs) that may arise of your capacity of false, inappropriate or inaccurate information or any condition at property that could cause injury or loss to anyone.

14. Termination

(i) You have right to terminate this sales agreement within 10 working days if no deposit or invoice is paid during this period. If you terminate the sales agreement after 10 working days, then PROBEC Solar will charge you a cancellation fee of $450 plus GST.
(ii) The paid deposit is not refundable. Please refer to clause 11(i) for further information.
(iii) PROBEC Solar may terminate this sales agreement with you if either of the following occurs:
     (a) You do not abide by the terms and conditions of PROBEC Solar.
     (b) There are delays in the PROBEC Solar process causing supplier prices to increase; in which case, full deposit will be refunded.
(iv) PROBEC Solar has full authority to cancel the installation if installation cannot be possible. You will receive full refund of any deposit via PROBEC Solar’s available payment options.

15. Definitions:

The Company: PROBEC Australia Pty Ltd, PROBEC Solar: Trading under The Company, The System: Solar and/or battery system, STCs: Small-Scale Technology Certificates, CER: Clean Energy Regulator, Total cost: total cost of the system before STC discount.

Version: PS-July-2020.001